Sunday, July 31, 2011

Judge Not

Today in church we had a lesson on Judging. I guess there had been some "talk" going on in the ward about gossiping, and talking down about others in the ward. I kind of seclude myself in my ward, and I try to avoid talking to people if I can. Not that I have anything against anyone, it is more of just a personal thing. Like I feel out of place. I think that stems from this being a ward that I was in when I was still married and there are a lot of people in the ward who know my Ex and I have trust issues with feeling like if anyone knows anything about me that they will go and talk about me to my Ex. I hate the feeling and I am not even sure if that would even happen, but I am paranoid about it and so I just keep to myself if I can. I do have some good friends in the ward though that I will talk to outside of church and hang out with them too. So I am not completely anti social. whole point for this post is that in class today I was asked to read a quote, no big deal. But for me this quote said it all about not Judging. I wanted to share it with you all because I feel that this is something that everyone has a problem with. At one point or another we all will think or say something about another or even ourselves that is judgemental in some form. So just read it and do what you will with it, but as for me I think this is something that I will read on a regular basis.

Elder N. Eldon Tanner said that "The reason, therefore, that we cannot judge is obvious. We cannot see what is in the heart. We do not know motives, although we impute motives to every action we see. They may be pure while we think they are improper. It is not possible to judge another fairly unless you know his desires, his faith, and his goals. Because of a different environment, unequal opportunity, and many other things, people are not in the same position. One may start at the top and the other at the bottom, and they may meet as they are going in opposite directions. Someone has said that it is not where you are but the direction in which you are going that counts; not how close you are to failure or success but which way you are headed. How can we, with all our weaknesses and frailties, dare to arrogate to ourselves the position of a judge? At best, man can judge only what he sees; he cannot judge the heart or the intention, or begin to judge the potential of his neighbor."

Thursday, July 28, 2011


I know that today I am posting like a million posts, but I want to post them while I have the time. Today I have the time because I am doing absolutly NOTHING. Haha.
Anyways...I thought that it would be fun to post some of the facebook posts that I have made in the last month. Kind of fun to see the different things that I said throughout the month, my ups and downs, good times and bad. So here they are from the most recent to the last. Enjoy.

Dinner table topic of discussion tonight...snoring and passing gas, and how its no bodies business to know IF this goes on in our house. Dinner time is family time. LOL.

Strawberry banana smoothie? I think so thank you very much

Feeling a little lonely today...

Needs ideas for a last minute change to my achievement day activity this Wednesday....anybody?

If you just go with the flow of things eventually you will go over the waterfall. Just something that I learned today in Relief Society, among other great things.

Great article in the Spokane Inlander about my Faith, and the missionaries who serve in the area. Take a look its a good read.

Sleep has not been my friend the last few nights. I am so tired, but I just cannot seem to sleep.

Thinking about painting a any good ideas? I am a beginner by the way so nothing too fancy.

Dentist for the girls today, and buying a new window fan. When did my life get so boring?

I am a sucker for chic flicks. Why do I do this to myself? Lol.

Back from Utah, however it just does not feel like home here anymore, can't wait to move to Utah and start my life there.

Today was The. Most. Wonderful. Day. Ever. I love my family so much. I am so thankful to be a Weber.

According to Kristen we are now in "Aunt Kims World". Let the family reunion begin!21 adults, 28 grand children, its gonna be great!

Praying. Just praying all will be as it should. Trusting and having Faith is also what I am doing. Just an FYI to you all. :)

My pillows are calling me, but I still have so much to do. Aw well, I must give in at some point.

Over heard conversation between my girls
Baili: cause girl your amazing just the way you are...(she was singing this)
Kristen: Oh my gosh, you sounded just like the real song! Now that is amazing.
Baili: Everyone says that when I sing. I guess its just my gift.

Text typo of the day..."Always, in my house too. I have a sentsy. I like my hoe to smell good and my car too. What kind of smells do you like?"

Kristen quote of the day..I asked her to put my Jillian Michaels 30day shred away and she says "Oh mom wow she looks just like my friend Hannahs mom!" If only Hannahs mom were here to hear that, I bet she would have been pretty happy. Haha.

Bring it!

Feeling very humble and very blessed today. That is the power fasting with prayer.

Teaching my girls how to ride a bike today without training wheels. Should be entertaining, however sad at the same time that my girls are old enough to do that. Treasure these moments I will.

Holy rain storm batman!

2001 Class Reunion

Well this year was the 10 year anniversary of my high school graduation. Which seems weird to me. I do not feel like I am old enough for it to have been 10 years already, but so it is.
For the last 6 months at least I have been planning and organizing the events for the reunion with my high school friend Winona. She was the class president and I the vice, which I guess meant that were are in charge of planning the reunion. It took some time for us to agree of what activities we should do, but alas we agreed and a plan came into action.

We decided to have the reunion be just one day (I am so glad we did that) and make it family friendly the entire time. We met in the morning at a park and had a brunch and visitation time. We about a small group show up. Not very many, but that is ok. It was nice to play catch up with my class mates. I feel bad because I was not able to really talk with everyone that came, but to be honest, I was able to talk to those who I really wanted to talk to and catch up with, so I am happy. See the picture of me and my two friends being goofy? Well we were together all the time in High school. We did everything together. It was fun to be together again.
If you read my earlier post about my family reunion I mentioned a new BFF that I have. It's kind of an inside joke, but in all honesty she is pretty great. She married one of my best friends from my childhood John. I still consider John as my really good friend. Always have always will. I was able to get to know his wife Molly Jo better at the reunion, but I follow her blog too so I felt like I already knew her and was friends with her. I think just hanging out that evening sealed the deal. :)
Anyways, I am glad the reunion has come and gone. It stressed me out a bit. Here are some pictures for your enjoyment. I am not looking at my best, but aw-well such is life sometimes. lol.


I absolutely love it when I am cleaning up my house at the end of the day and I find little "homes" that my kids have made for their toys. Usually I think about taking a picture and then I don't, but this one time I have to take a pic. It made me laugh at the set up. Thought you would like it too.

Family Reunion (picture heavy)

So I was not going to post about my family reunion seems how really my family is the only ones who read my blog, but I have a new BFF (stay tuned to find out who) who seems to read often and so I thought I should post about my family Reunion. That and also this is my way of keeping a journal and so it is also a way for me to remember some things and post pictures.

After the 4th of July the girls and I drove to Utah for my family reunion. I got there a couple days before the whole family was to arrive and so I was able to spend some time with 2 of my sisters Kim and Shaina. We went to Temple square to do a session, but once we got there we discovered that it was closed for cleaning. So we walked around Temple square for a little while and took some pictures and stuff. We even went to the visitor center and saw a mini replica of the SLC Temple. It was pretty cool to see it. Then we went and did some shopping for the next few days to come. Here are some pics from our time together.

Thursday night is when the reunion began. All the guys in the family got together and played Halo and my brothers house, they were out till about 2:00 in the morning. There were not pictures taken at this part of the reunion, reasons are unknown...
Friday morning the sisters and sisters in law and my mom and some more extended family got together for brunch. It was brunch but it was also a surprise baby shower for my sister Shavonne who is expecting her first baby. A boy! We are all so very excited for her.

After brunch the whole family gathered for swim time at the beach. When we got there is was sunny and warm and super nice. My brother Ian is the favorite Uncle, and you can see why. He was throwing kids up in the air in the water. My girls love Ian, he is the best example to them, and he loves them too. But after about and hour and a half it started to rain. So we gathered under some outdoor canopy's and had lunch. There were roughly 50 people under these tents. And it was great.

After we got rained out we headed to my brothers house. He lives in a really nice area where behind his house is an in closed park. We gathered there and played some minute to win it games, and kick ball and glow stick tag. We also had dinner and got to visit with my moms brother and his family. Which was so nice to see them and catch up with them.

Saturday was the reason we all came together. It was the day the Ian and his wife Karissa were sealed together for time and all of eternity. They are a forever family now. This was also the first time that myself, my 9 siblings, their spouses and my two parents were together in the Temple. My parents have made a legacy. they have been the most wonderful example of eternal families. They love and support each of us and have raised us all to be good upstanding members of the church. I am so thankful for this day that we had to all be together. I am so proud of my brother Ian. He worked so hard for this day. He loves his wife. He is my bud, and I love him so very much.

After the Temple we headed to my oldest brothers house, where we had a BBQ, played more games...the guys had a ping pong round robin style game going that looked like fun. It started to rain so we moved inside and did a white elephant gift exchange. Fitting 50+ people in one living room is not always easy, but we made it look like nothing. We ended the night and the reunion with an outdoor movie, Rio. And families went their own ways.
It was such a blessing that I was able to attend the reunion. I am so glad that my girls were able to spend time with my family and play with their cousins. I am so blessed to have my eternal family. I love them so much. I cannot wait to see them again.

Sunday, July 17, 2011


I have been doing a lot of thinking about qualities that I look for in a friend. I have had a lot of people come in a out of my life, all of which have taught me something, good or bad. There have been times when I have had to cut someone out of my life because I did not feel that they were a good influence for me, or that I was for them.

I have been blessed with some pretty great friends through out my life. I have memories of playing tom and jerry, walking down town with a huge refrigerator box over our heads, playing games with families, laughing at my friends who would stall their cars while driving, screaming for my life in the dead of winter and my friend took a sharp corner while driving. I near thought I was going to die! Sitting in the lounge area after young men and women and just talking for forever. Girls camp and sleep talking. Church dances and crushes. Sleep overs and all nighters. Promises made and just feeling so happy and comfortable with them.
Its funny how as I get older what I look for in a friend is the same as when I was younger. I still look for someone who does not judge me. Someone who is forgiving and loving. Someone who uplifts me and encourages me to be the best that I can be. Who is supportive. Has strong family values. Makes me laugh. Comforts me when I need it. Listens when I need to be heard.
I have been blessed with friends who have all of these qualities. I am so thankful for them even if they are not so much in my life now, they have made me into who I am today.
Anyways, I was just thinking about that and thought that I would share. Thanks for reading.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Impromptu Prayer

So every first Sunday of the month our church holds a "Fast Sunday". This is where we are given an opportunity to fast 3 meals, and attend church and partake of the sacrament. We are also given the chance to bare our testimonies to the congregation if we would like.
Well both of my girls look forward to this Sunday. Every Sunday they are asking if it is fast Sunday. About 2 months ago it was a fast Sunday and Kristen had been asking since she woke up if she could bare her testimony. I agreed that she could, but something you should know is that I have never gone up with them and told them what to say in any way. I stay in my seat in the congregation and let them bare THEIR own testimony.
So the sacrament ends and it is time for the testimonies to be said. Kristen jumps right up and she is the second one to bare hers. The thing about Kristen is that I never know what she is going to say or how she is going to say it. Most often it is a sweet simple testimony, others she will giggle, and breath heavy into the microphone. So I was a little worried about how she would do this time around. Well she gets to the pulpit and begins..."I'd like to bare my testimony, I know this church is true, and I think that its very important to pray, and I think that we should pray today for those who are not at church that they can come to church. OKAY?" She pauses and looks around, I am on the edge of my seat, what do I do, can she pray at the pulpit? I am growing nervous. I look to the Stake President who is sitting on the stand. At that very moment he shrugs his shoulders and folds his arms. "Okay this is going to happen I say. Everyone else in the congregation folds their arms as well, but not without having a little chuckle themselves. Kristen begins, "Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for this day. So glad we can be in church. Please bless those who did not come to church today, that they can come, and that they will love Jesus, and make good choices. Heavenly Father we love you, and we love Jesus. In the name of Jesus Christ amen." She said thank you and she left the pulpit.
Everyone came to me afterwards and said how sweet that was. My stake President was very nice and was like "hey we are told it shall be said out of the mouths of the children..."
That is one fast Sunday that I will never forget. I am so thankful for my girls and for their sweet examples to me about how we should be and their forgiving nature, and their love and forgiveness. I love being a mom. I love the gospel of Jesus Christ. I love my children.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Fourth of July with the Heaths

To start off our vacation we stayed with my sister Courtney and her family in Idaho Falls for two days before heading to Utah for our complete family reunion. For our celebration of America's freedom we went to a parade. It was a fun parade and all the kids did the chicken dance with Uncle Jared. They threw candy and had some pretty fun floats. After that we had a BBQ with Jareds Brothers family then we came back to courtneys for some R&R. That evening we had two of my other sisters come over for a BBQ and just hung out with each other. It was super fun, and my brother in law Darick made some really yummy pork n beans. Homemade. Once they left to go see fireworks we also went to watch some (in a different location). Its called Jensons Grove. It was a sandy beach area with a play ground and grassy areas to play. My kids and Courtneys kids all had so much fun playing together. It was so fun and nice to be with family. I kept saying that this 4th of July was the best one I can remember of my Adult life. And its so true. It was happy, stress free and memorable.
I posted a video below of the kids being penguins down a hill, they were all sliding down on their tummies, Kristen was so funny with it and slid down perfectly. I made me laugh so much.
Jared was so great with the kids and got them all some sparklers and glow sticks and pop its. I love the look on the kids faces as he is lighting the sparklers.
It was such a great celebration, Thank you corks and Jared for a great time. I am sure we will always remember the fun times that we had with you all.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Baili's Last dat of School

Well a month later here you go. Baili had her last day of Kindergarten. She absolutely loved school, and well even her teacher Mr. Holcomb. She loved coming home and telling me about the new french words that he had taught her, and sometimes she got to go in early from school and "work" for him before all the other students arrived. She loved all of her classmates. She had some great friends...Lina, Sadie, Purity, Hayden, Preston, Pheonix, just to name a few.
It ended up being a great year for Baili. She is so very smart and proved herself to be such all year long surpassing all goals set for Kindergarten and even exceeding some first grade goals as well. She is a born leader, and is accepting of all around her.
She is very excited for next year when she will be in first grade and will be able to go to the kindergarten classes and read aloud to them. Kristen will be in Kindergarten next year and will be in Mr. Holcombs class, and Baili is giving Kristen all of the pointers and things to look forward to when school starts again.
Now we will just enjoy our summer, which is already fun filled and travel packed. So stay tuned.