Thursday, July 28, 2011


I know that today I am posting like a million posts, but I want to post them while I have the time. Today I have the time because I am doing absolutly NOTHING. Haha.
Anyways...I thought that it would be fun to post some of the facebook posts that I have made in the last month. Kind of fun to see the different things that I said throughout the month, my ups and downs, good times and bad. So here they are from the most recent to the last. Enjoy.

Dinner table topic of discussion tonight...snoring and passing gas, and how its no bodies business to know IF this goes on in our house. Dinner time is family time. LOL.

Strawberry banana smoothie? I think so thank you very much

Feeling a little lonely today...

Needs ideas for a last minute change to my achievement day activity this Wednesday....anybody?

If you just go with the flow of things eventually you will go over the waterfall. Just something that I learned today in Relief Society, among other great things.

Great article in the Spokane Inlander about my Faith, and the missionaries who serve in the area. Take a look its a good read.

Sleep has not been my friend the last few nights. I am so tired, but I just cannot seem to sleep.

Thinking about painting a any good ideas? I am a beginner by the way so nothing too fancy.

Dentist for the girls today, and buying a new window fan. When did my life get so boring?

I am a sucker for chic flicks. Why do I do this to myself? Lol.

Back from Utah, however it just does not feel like home here anymore, can't wait to move to Utah and start my life there.

Today was The. Most. Wonderful. Day. Ever. I love my family so much. I am so thankful to be a Weber.

According to Kristen we are now in "Aunt Kims World". Let the family reunion begin!21 adults, 28 grand children, its gonna be great!

Praying. Just praying all will be as it should. Trusting and having Faith is also what I am doing. Just an FYI to you all. :)

My pillows are calling me, but I still have so much to do. Aw well, I must give in at some point.

Over heard conversation between my girls
Baili: cause girl your amazing just the way you are...(she was singing this)
Kristen: Oh my gosh, you sounded just like the real song! Now that is amazing.
Baili: Everyone says that when I sing. I guess its just my gift.

Text typo of the day..."Always, in my house too. I have a sentsy. I like my hoe to smell good and my car too. What kind of smells do you like?"

Kristen quote of the day..I asked her to put my Jillian Michaels 30day shred away and she says "Oh mom wow she looks just like my friend Hannahs mom!" If only Hannahs mom were here to hear that, I bet she would have been pretty happy. Haha.

Bring it!

Feeling very humble and very blessed today. That is the power fasting with prayer.

Teaching my girls how to ride a bike today without training wheels. Should be entertaining, however sad at the same time that my girls are old enough to do that. Treasure these moments I will.

Holy rain storm batman!

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