Friday, May 15, 2009

Random Pictures

These two pictures were taken at the childrens museum about a month ago. This is the girls at the digging center. They love this station.

These are some pictures that Nan took with my camera right before we left for church one Sunday. I love these pictures.

Best Friends!!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Me and my girls

Just a picture of the girls and I. We were in town for the day and waiting in the car goofing around. I love Kristen's cheesy smile. I love my girls, they are the best. We have fun together, and they keep me going strong.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Arrr...another FHE!

So last Thursday my sister Nancy brought home treasure maps from school for Baili and Kristen and ever since they've been talking of going on a treasure hunt. Well, once Dad got word of this he the creative cogs in his head started turning....and today was the great hunt. After dinner, Dad told the girls that new treasure maps had been mailed to our house telling of a buried treasure, and of course, they were all ears. Mom started speaking like a pirate and Baili said, "Mom! Grandma can speak pirate!" Haha! Here's the beginning of the hunt.

The first clue on Kristen's map was to head to the right into the covered garage. They're pointing the way
Here's Kristen leading the way into the backyard to her treasure

The map said "head along the Border Fence" so here we are walking under the tree passage.

Yay, Kristen found her Treasure! X marks the spot!

Now, on to Baili's Treasure, the map said to walk towards the tree where we swing.

After a few more clues, she found it! But how do we reach it...?

Grandpa to the Rescue!

The girls and their treasure

Before we opened the treasure bags, Dad asked the girls what sorts of treasures they'd find inside. They promptly answered "Gold! Cookies! Cupcakes!"

They found some beautiful emeralds and Reese's cups! Baili shared her Reese's with everyone.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers Day

So this is what the girls did for me for mothers day this year. I love 99% of these pictures, but then there are those few that are really really bad pictures of me and I cannot seem to delete them, so just look past those, please do not dwell on them and enjoy the rest. Happy mothers day to all of my sisters and most of all to my wonderful mom who has been my rock and my shoulder for all my life. I love you mom and thank you for everything you have done for me.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

FHE car racing

So when my little brother was little my Dad used to take him to the church with his friend and race remote control cars in the gym.
Well the tradition lives on. My Dad got these cute little cars and has taken my girls to the church to race. We did this for FHE a couple of times. The girls just love it and they laugh and run and play. It is a good memory for them too, to be able to play with Grandpa and see him excited about what they are doing. I love catching those memories of my girls with their grandparents. I look forward to many more.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

what's in?

So tonight is my little sisters Jr. Prom. My brother Ian (above) is the DJ, he is pretty Sick ( from what I know that is the new word for awesome, or great). She is really excited about it. Last week she went dress shopping and got this dress. I think it is a cute dress. When I first saw it, I thought boy that's not what you wore to prom in my day, and my day was not even that long ago.
This is Brianna and her sister Sierra and Nancy

All week while mom worked on nans dress the girls were asking if it was Nancy's princess day. They could not wait to see nan in her dress. They got to get out if bed to come and see nan all princessed up.

This is Nancy and her friend Michael. He looked pretty bling bling, and together they went well. It was funny to watch her put on the flower, the corsage he got for nan had a light in it and it flashed, yeah pretty high tech.

It's tradition to get a picture in front of the RED curtains. All of us kids have a prom of formal picture in front of these bad boys.