Friday, December 23, 2011

Holiday Festivities

Yesterday we made some gingerbread houses. We make them using graham crackers, and as you can see from he pictures LOTS of candy. We had John and his kids come over and make them with us. We had a lot of fun making them, and the girls were on a sugar high for a while after that. They both were very excited about how theirs turned out.

Last weekend was Baili and Kristen's primary program. They both wore the dresses that Grandma and Grandpa Weber got them for their birthdays. They are so pretty. The program went off well. They both said their parts well and sang so pretty. Baili's part was "Repentance brings forgiveness" and Kristen's part was "Reverence is love and respect for God." I love the primary program and I look forward to it every year. All the kids are so cute and fun to watch, and their sweet little voices just make me melt.

Enjoy the pictures!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Make-up or warrior paint?

There is a young woman in my ward who is my "usual" baby-sitter for the girls. She is so sweet and my girls love her. Over the last two years our families have gotten somewhat close and my girls just love their sitter. She spoils them too, which I think may be one reason why they love her so. Well last Saturday at our ward Christmas breakfast, my girls were talking with their sitter and she asked them what they wanted to Christmas. Kristen stated she wanted a licence plate (aka drivers licence) and Baili wanted a make-up set. Well last night she stopped by baring gifts. My girls were ecstatic. She gave Kristen a decorated with beads licence plate and gave Baili a nice little make-up set.

Well over the last two days they girls have decided that their rooms should become "play rooms" (imagine that concept). I was/am all for this idea and I lovingly encouraged this idea. I support them in keeping their toys in their playroom, and using their sweet imaginations in their playroom forts they build and other such activities that they do in their playrooms. I support them because, well I would not want to be the mother who wouldn't let her own kids have fun in their playroom, and because I'm cool like that. Am I right?

Anyways, tonight after dinner they decided to go play makeover in their playroom. At first they came upstairs with some eye shadow on. And if you ask me it was done pretty well for a 7 year old. But then they got a little carried away and this was the result...

Need I say more?

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Journal entries

So Baili brought home her school journal for me to read and enjoy over the holidays. Which I have been enjoying oh so much. So much in fact that I decided to share with you a couple of my favorite entries.
Every morning when she gets to school she sits down at her desk and writes in her journal. Usually it is about what happened the day before, or what she did over the weekend. So as you read the entries know that they are mostly accurate. Also remember that all entries are according to her sweet 7 year old mind and how she sees things happen.

This says October is my favorite month, but I call it rocktober.

This says Yesterday we went trick or treating we had fun. We thought we saw a haunted house. We got a lot of candy. Next we went to Grandmas house. ( on the back of this page it says, we had a lot of fun). I love the picture in this one. For Halloween she was a flapper girl and Kristen was a witch. And the picture of me makes me smile. For obvious reasons.

This one says Today we have the surprise baby girl shower we will have fun. 3 days until my birthday. I love my aunts. I love me too.