Monday, July 4, 2011

Baili's Last dat of School

Well a month later here you go. Baili had her last day of Kindergarten. She absolutely loved school, and well even her teacher Mr. Holcomb. She loved coming home and telling me about the new french words that he had taught her, and sometimes she got to go in early from school and "work" for him before all the other students arrived. She loved all of her classmates. She had some great friends...Lina, Sadie, Purity, Hayden, Preston, Pheonix, just to name a few.
It ended up being a great year for Baili. She is so very smart and proved herself to be such all year long surpassing all goals set for Kindergarten and even exceeding some first grade goals as well. She is a born leader, and is accepting of all around her.
She is very excited for next year when she will be in first grade and will be able to go to the kindergarten classes and read aloud to them. Kristen will be in Kindergarten next year and will be in Mr. Holcombs class, and Baili is giving Kristen all of the pointers and things to look forward to when school starts again.
Now we will just enjoy our summer, which is already fun filled and travel packed. So stay tuned.

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