Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Good times

Some lady came over to our house and was chastising me and my children, She kept saying call me Nanny, but uh that's weird. scroll down and you will see that she then decided that she thought.......

........that my dad was a handson buck and wanted to sway him to her ways. By the looks of it Dad is on the fence, he doesn't know what to do. In the end he did not give into her persuasiveness.

When I was little my sisters would send all of us on a search to go and get all of the pillows and blankets and cushions we could find. Then we would make a huge pile and then we could go for a ride. We could sit on thier feet and then they would launch us into the air soaring until we landed purposfully onto the mound. We only did this when my parents were gone, because mom and dad had like 20 pillows on their bed and we needed them to protect our bums and there was no way they would let us use them otherwise.
Nancy had never done it before so I taught her and here she is catching on like a pro.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

So here are some pictures of my beautiful Krsiten. She is a handfull but I love her. Below is a video of her with my Dad. He brought home some bubbles one night after he got off of work. He took them outside and blew them with the girls. I just love it that my girls are able to spend time with my parents. They have 25 grandkids and all of them but my two girls live far away from them. I did not know my grandmothers at all, and my grandpas, I do not remember very well. I am so glad that my kids get to build memories with their grandparents, and that they know that my parents love them.

How can you not think that she is so cute, but look at those eyes, she can be trouble.