Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Another Birth story. This time it's Kristen

So on April 6, 2005 I found out that I was pregnant with Kristen. Baili was only 4 months old when I got pregnant. I did not think that I could be pregnant since at the time precautions were taken to not have such happen, so for 2 months I was in denial, until alas I could not wait any longer and took a test which told the facts. I was in a bit of shock even though I suspected, and I did cry as I was scared to be pregnant with having a baby still. But we made the best of it. My due date was set for December 4, 2005.

Below is how big I was when Baili's first birthday came. Her birthday was October 28 so I had about a month to go before Kristen came. I was huge and I felt it!!!

On December 6, 2005 I was induced. I went 2 days over my due date. My mom came and stayed the night before because we were being induced in the morning. We went in at about 7:00 a.m. We got all hooked up to the monitors and they started me on pitoocin. I Everything was great. Not alot of pain. Then they wanted to break my water. I said that if they were gonna do that, that I would have to have and epidural before because I remember how my pain I was in when they did that with Baili. So they did. Everything went by pretty fast with Kristen. I had her at 6:31 p.m.

She was 10 pounds!!! Don't believe me? Look below and there is proof!

I felt great. I only pushed 2 times with her. It was way different then with Baili, as I was able to touch her head before she came out and see everything with the mirror there. It was amazing!

I thought that Baili had tons of hair when she was born, but holy smokes this little girl came with the mother load of hair. Everyone kept saying that she was a Mexican baby, or at least that she looked like one. LOL.

We had lots of visitors but our favorite was Big sister Baili. She loved Kristen instantly.

Her first bath was not by her aunt, but our nurses were all very nice.

After her first bath, you could really see how much hair she had. I could not get it to lay down either for the next 6 months her hair was always sticking straight up. I loved it!

Kristen was a great baby! She was very active, and always getting into stuff. She loved it when I sung to her and she loved to read books!

Baili and Kristen played really well with each other. Sometimes they would fight and they still do, but for the most part they are each others best friends and I am so glad about that. I love being a mom and yes it does have its struggles each day is also so rewarding.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Story of How Baili came to be

On March 17, 2004 I found out I was pregnant with baili. Right away I called her dad who had left for work to let him know I was pregnant. He came home right away and not a moment was lost in making Dr. appointments and calling family and friends to let them know the news. My pregnancy went great. I did get morning sickness, but it was more so just sensitive to smells. I craved cereal all the time and Lemon flavored things. I loved being pregnant. I loved feeling the baby move in my stomach. I loved the instant bond that we had.
Here are some pictures of me when I was pregnant with Baili. I felt huge. I felt like the hulk sometimes. Hence the picture.
So when I was 5 weeks from my due date of November 17 2003 I went to my regular Dr. apt. I told them that I felt cramps sometimes but nothing bad. They decided to check me and to both mine and the dr's surprise I was dilated to a 5. They had me come in once a week after that and told me to pay attention to my contractions. the thing is, is that I did not know I was having contractions. They did not hurt and that is what I was looking for in a contraction. So after 2 weeks of walking around dilated to a 5 I got nervous and asked the dr what my options were. They said that they thought it would be good to induce me just in case I went so fast in labor and did not make it to the hospital. So the next morning on October 28, 2008 I was induced.

Now it was not so bad being on the pit, but nothing was really happening. I was comfortable though. But when the dr. came in she decided to break my water. HOLY SMOKES when she did that my contractions became out of control. the pit made them so intense and I was not at all expecting that.

After my water was broken I demanded to get an epidural. I did that that was great. I had no pain and was comfortable and was able to catch my breath again. I had the epidural for about an hour before I felt the urge to push. I told my nurse who got my dr. who checked me and told me I was at a 9. Then my dr went home. Yes home!!! after 15 minutes I was ready to go and so the nurse called the dr and told her to come back (stupid dr shouldn't have left in the first place idiot). Anyways I did not want to push till the dr got there so I just kind of let the contractions do the work and I breathed through the urg to push. Once I saw her though I got right to it and I pushed 3 times and out came Baili Rose Elber. She was 8 pounds 9 oz. and 19 1/4 in long. She had lots of hair and was perfect.

When I went to recovery my sister shavonne was my nurse as well as Baili's. She gave her, her first bath and got her feet prints and I think that there was an instant bond between them, as to this day Baili lover her aunt Shavonne and they get along really great.

We were in the hospital for 2 days and we had some visitors including my mom, Jonas' mom and grandma, my sisters, and some close friends of mine one of which is Sarah who's middle name is rose which is who Baili's middle name is after.

Below are my sister Courtney with her daughter Mackenzie myself and Baili and my Best friend Sarah and her son Isaac

Baili is such a great daughter. I love her so much. I am blessed to be her mom. Her life is tough but she deals with it like no other. She is strong and smart. She loves to dance, sing, and she loves to write and count. She always want to do what the grown ups are doing and all I can do is encourage her to stay young and not try to be so grown up yet because she does not have to.

Gleeking out!!!

Can I just say that I love this show and I cannot wait for it to start!!! Seriously, the music is great and I do like the drama too. If you have not seen this show, you so should. I may not be for everyone, but for me it is a must see! Lets just say I cannot wait till April 13th!