Monday, January 31, 2011


So last weekend my good friends the Pope's invited us to go sledding with them up at Mt. Spokane. We were excited to go, and I was even able to convince Adwoa that she would have a good time if she came too. I was excited because the not so fun part about sledding is the walk up the hill....well here you did not have to walk up the hill. Instead they hooked the tube to a conveyor belt and you sat down and it pulled you up! It was so fun! The pics you see of the girls alone in the tube are of them being pulled up the hill.
Adwoa really had a good time too. She is from Ghana where there is not any snow or cold weather, so this was all new for her.
I plan to go again next year for sure.

So when people come over to my house and see my decorations and loves it, or when I have a craft night or something and everyone really likes what I am making, they do not know that I am not the one who came up with the idea. I like to copy people. I mean big time. I see something I like, I attempt to make it for myself. Usually I will give the people I stole the idea from credit for it, but then again sometimes I do not. That's just how I roll people.
Anyways my sister-in-law made a wreath last month that I really thought was cute. And I and trying to decorate my room up nice and thought that it would look really cute in my room. So I invited a friend over to make one with me. I love how it turned out!! I think that it is sooooo cute. My room colors are red, brown and Khaki. My bedspread is like completely red so I did not want to used red material on it, but the ribbon (which I got for $.05 after Christmas) I think looks so cute with it. Once I am done with my room and all I will post pics of it all put together, but for now I just wanted to show off this little jem!

Friday, January 21, 2011

the last week or so

Well it was a slow start to me reading and studying preach my gospel. But I am on it now. So far I have gotten through how to be an effective missionary and to how to study the book. That was good. I am in the beginning part now where we learn the basics of the gospel teachings. The restoration, plan of salvation, the gospel of Jesus Christ, commandments, and laws and ordinances. I have not finished this section yet. There is a lot of information in this section. I am learning a lot and I feel like I am building upon my foundation which is good, because honestly it was starting to settle into the ground and shift things up a bit. I feeling it becoming firm. Yay.
If you are doing this challenge to I would love to hear how it is going for you. Leave me a comment.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Preach my Gospel

So today I was pulled out of gospel essentials by a member of my bishopric. They needed to "talk to me". I thought I cant be getting a new calling because I was just put into the current one I am in...and I like it. lol. I tried to give him a reason (as we are walking down the hall to his office) as to why I could not meet with him...Oh uh I just remembered I am supposed to substitute teach right NOW in primary...he didn't buy it.
Anyway we get in the designated room the bishop has set aside for "meeting" with members of the ward and we sit and talk. He asked if I remember 2 years ago....(uh already a problem, 2 years ago I try really hard not to remember what was going on then) when we had a 5th Sunday meeting and they talked to the members of the ward about reading and using the Preach my Gospel book in our homes more? I had (to my surprise)!!! He asked if I had one...I looked away from his eyes and shamefully said I did not have one in my home. He said hummm, well that is ok we will get you one because we want you to do something for us. He went on, at the end of this month there is a 5th Sunday and again we are going to talk about the importance of having and using this book in your homes. We would like you (me, Rebekah) to use the manual for the month, teach from it, study it, learn from it, USE IT. And on the 5th Sunday in our combined meeting we want you to Stand up in front of the ward (who has by the way grown in numbers by HUNDREDS in the last 2 months) and bare testimony of its impact on your life and your children's lives.
Now I am not one to turn down anything asked of me, so I agreed that I would, however I was a little confused as to why out of everyone in my ward they had picked me to do this. He told me that I was not the only one they had asked...they had asked an elderly couple, a newly married couple, a convert, a small young family, and myself a single mother. They want all circumstances of life to learn and know that this is a great manual to study and learn and grow from.
So from now till the end of the month...and maybe beyond...I will be using any extra study time I might have in reading and learning from this manual, teaching my children, answering questions about the church for my roommate, and more.
I have to say that I feel that this was an inspired challenge to be given to me from my Bishop. I have been looking for a way to get myself back in the habit of reading scripture and praying to my Heavenly Father. I struggle with those things, not because I do not want to, but I just don't (I hope you get what I am saying).
So for the next month I hope to be good about updating my blog and letting you all know how I am doing, but also as a way for me to journal how this is working for me and changing me.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Is it bad that I dont care?

I have been thinking a lot about how I feel about people, what they say, how they are doing, what they are up to..and so on. Well for the most part I am a caring person. Really I am! However there is a person out there that I really could care less about. I dont care about anything that they tell me. I actually get so annoyed and bothered by them. I try really hard to be nice to them, to stroke their ego, laugh at their jokes, and more. I do this thinking that it will help me be ok with them, ok that they are in my life , ok that they are among the living. But it is not helping me accept that at all. I take pride in the fact that I am a good person, I am a good friend, a good mother and daughter. But not being able to be any of that to this person and accept them for who they are is hard for me. I feel like a bad person because of the thoughts and feelings I have about this person. I know that I have faults, I know that some people may not like me either and that's their prerogative even though that bothers me a little bit too. I will not get into why, another post for another day.
I hope I am making sense. Sorry if you do not like this post. I will try to be more happy in the next one.

What are some ideas that you have that helps you in this situation?