Friday, August 16, 2013

All things Kristen

 Kristen fits most all descriptive words I can think of.   She is  very  outgoing,  silly,  sweet,  lovable,  rowdy,  beautiful,  gentle,  not gentle,  tender and more. She has grown so much just these last few months.  She is almost 8 years old and is trying to decide if she would like to get baptized.  She is very thoughtful  like that.  below are some pictures that show her many sides to her personality. I just love her,  even when she decides to be difficult. :)

note left on my bed

 first bee sting of the summer ( she got the so far)

Fun at the splash pad

squished face   


Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Zilch.

Many years ago my sister came across an item of clothing that read on the tag "Zilch". From that time on it was forever referred to as " the zilch". she decided that she was going to make a little game out of it and pass it secretly among her sisters. You did not want to end up with the zilch. Over the years it has been passed from one sister to another in many different forms. When I ended up with it I found it in a box of food my sister had given to me when she moved from Spokane. I gladly accepted her generous offer. When I returned home with the box and began looking through the box and putting food away I beheld the zilch tucked away out of sight for me to discover after I had already left her home. It was now my turn to pass it on secretly. This is how the zilch lives, moving from one home to another. At our family reunion just a few weeks ago the zilch was secretly placed in my sister in laws truck. Little did she know what she was about to find. The Zilch lives on. My sister Shaina placing the zilch. Bekah

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Girls Camp 2013

I was asked to go to girls camp this year and I couldn't have been more excited to go. I love working with the youth and spending time with them. The theme this year was "brave" and we definitely got our Scottish on. We even had highland games! I had such a blast and would totally go again in a heart beat. I did not take many pictures while there but I was able to see my niece and my uh niece once removed...? She is my sister in laws niece, but family none the less. I loved being able to see them there. My really good friend Amanda was the craft lady so we also got some time together. yay for girls camp!