Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Tooth Happenings

So about 2 months ago Kristen and Baili were playing, they were playing rough. Every time they start to get rough with each other I warn them that someone is going to get hurt. We sure enough within 10 seconds of saying this, Kristen bonks her mouth on Baili's head. After settling her down I look at her mouth and sure enough the blow had knocked one of her top front teeth loose. I mean sooo loose. I was sure it would come out within the next couple of days. Boy was I wrong. It had been 2 months and it still was not coming out. It got so loose that she could turn her tooth completely around more than one time, like 3 times around. It was so gross. She even had it turned on its side. I was not coming out! I told her I needed to try and when I did, sure enough it still did not come out. It was STUCK in there sooo good. I worried that if I forced it that I would pull a nerve out or something horrible.
So we get to the dentist and they take a x-ray of her mouth, and come tell me that all 4 of her top teeth need to be pulled right away! I was shocked. Seriously...why? Well apparently her front permanent teeth were coming in with a vengeance and room needed to be made before all of her teeth were forced to move. The one that was loose, the gums had taken hold of the tooth and they had to snip it off (good thing I did not pull). Anyways, she was on happy gas and I thought that she looked too funny. She was being super silly too. Saying weird things about teeth and vegetables and other random things.
She did not like the tingling feeling her lip got when the numbness wore off, but other than that she did great. Below are the pictures of the fun.