Thursday, February 24, 2011

The best days are.....

Need I say more?

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I think I am in Narnia

Ok so long post telling about my dream last night. I never dream so this is weird, but to wake up and remember all of my dream is even more weird.

Ok here goes it...

I am underground with a few members of my family. I am sure Nancy was there and then 3others but I don't remember who. We were trying to get onto a roller coaster to travel this underground tunnel. We were able to get on it and we rode for a ways. It was dark. And my mom and dad were on the rail car ahead of us. I could hear them but no one else could. So we are riding and all of a sudden we come to a stop. There is a cliff and we cannot figure out how to get down the cliff and back onto the tracks. All of a sudden I see this very small round dick think that is yellow and glowing. I hear my mom say that we have to make it like us in order for it to help. We have to be clam and sing to it. So I tell my family and I start to sing. I am also holding out my arm. It comes to me and attaches to my arm and then begins to lift me in the air. I yell at my family to hold on to me and we are taken down the cliff to the rail car. We ride the car until it stops in an attic. We get out and we start to look for the exit. It is kind of scary in there. As we are looking around I see a doll that looks just like Nancy, and it is wearing a white hair tie. I yell to my family that we have to look like the dolls of ourselves in order to leave. As we are looking and helping each other we start to notice that we are becoming dolls, our voices sound different and we are shrinking. Then all of a sudden I wake up.

I hate when dreams end with you waking up and you do not know what happens. This dream really made me think that it was a deleted scene from Narnia or something. The pictures in my head looked like scenes from the movie, it was weird. If I knew a dream analyser I would ask for their interpretation of the dream.
Anyways, hope you enjoyed reading about my dream.