Wednesday, August 4, 2010

summer 2010

These pictures are a little out of order but you will get the idea. We had a great summer. We went swimming a lot at my brother and his wife's pool, we went to the park a lot, we went to friends houses and did crafts, and went on vacations, saw family. It has really been one of the best summers ever. I am sad that is is now over. But I am ready for this new school year to start (more on that next).

At a parade, girls are on my brothers long board, this was at the very beginning of the summer, they have changed so much since this picture.

Baili broke her arm about 4 weeks ago. We were at the park with some friends and she was on the bar thing that slides and she jerked to a stop at the end and fell and broke her wrist. She had to be put to sleep to get it reset, luckily they did not have to cut her open or put any pins in. She was in a soft cast for 2 weeks and now in a hot pink and hot orange striped cast for 4 weeks. She really likes all of the attention that she is getting from it too, however it sure is a bugger to bathe her. Ugh.

Next up, well you can see. He will hate me for posting this picture but this is the type of thing that good uncles do, and that is just what my brother Ian is. He really is such a good Uncle to my girls, they love him and love his wife Karissa. It is so nice having family live so close. The come over at least once a week, more often usually. We also exchange dinner nights, on Sundays I cook for them and on Thursdays they cook for me. It is great. I just love them as do my girls.

There is a lady in my ward who has this big water blow up slide (like those jumping castles) once a summer she will blow it up and invite all the kids in the ward to come and play on it. Baili's arm was broken at this point so it was just kristen who was able to play on it, but she loved it. I think we were there for like 4 hours.

Here are the girls at our weekly visits to Ian and Karissa's pool. The loved it. They swam they dove, they jumped and LAUGHED! It was so fun.

That is our summer in a nutshell. I hope everyone enjoyed their summer as much as we did.