Friday, July 23, 2010


Yesterday Shavonne took me to get a pedicure. As part of my birthday present. I have been looking forward to this since she said that she would take me. Karissa (my new sister-in-law) came with us too. Can you guess which are my feet?
I do love my feet. As a kid my sisters would make fun of them but I think that they are cute, maybe I am biased. My mom says that I have "Frost" toes. My daughter Kristen has the same toes as I do. I could pick her cute little feet out of any line up.

I know I have not posted much lately, and I feel bad about that because I think about it a lot. So maybe in the next few days you will get an overload of posts, consider yourself lucky if you do.

Also I decided to go public with my blog. I have been thinking about it and the whole reason I went private in the first place was silly. I figure its my blog and maybe someone of stumbles upon it will read it and learn something from me, why should I let a little someone who said I should watch what I put out there stop me from having a voice. So here you are folks...feel free to read and comment and tell others about the totally awesome posts that I make.