Monday, May 11, 2009

Arrr...another FHE!

So last Thursday my sister Nancy brought home treasure maps from school for Baili and Kristen and ever since they've been talking of going on a treasure hunt. Well, once Dad got word of this he the creative cogs in his head started turning....and today was the great hunt. After dinner, Dad told the girls that new treasure maps had been mailed to our house telling of a buried treasure, and of course, they were all ears. Mom started speaking like a pirate and Baili said, "Mom! Grandma can speak pirate!" Haha! Here's the beginning of the hunt.

The first clue on Kristen's map was to head to the right into the covered garage. They're pointing the way
Here's Kristen leading the way into the backyard to her treasure

The map said "head along the Border Fence" so here we are walking under the tree passage.

Yay, Kristen found her Treasure! X marks the spot!

Now, on to Baili's Treasure, the map said to walk towards the tree where we swing.

After a few more clues, she found it! But how do we reach it...?

Grandpa to the Rescue!

The girls and their treasure

Before we opened the treasure bags, Dad asked the girls what sorts of treasures they'd find inside. They promptly answered "Gold! Cookies! Cupcakes!"

They found some beautiful emeralds and Reese's cups! Baili shared her Reese's with everyone.


  1. dad, he's so great! it counds like a fun FHE

  2. Soooooo cool! Grandpa is Great! Thanks for sharing this, Bex. :)

  3. That's fun!! Can dad make a treasure map/hunt for me too?

  4. Very cool! I love hearing about all these things dad does with you guys!

    I love you tons!

  5. I love treasure hunts! I also love emeralds.

  6. How fun! I love that your dad put that together for your girls. Arr, matey, methinks I deserve a treasure hunt, too!


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