Saturday, May 2, 2009

what's in?

So tonight is my little sisters Jr. Prom. My brother Ian (above) is the DJ, he is pretty Sick ( from what I know that is the new word for awesome, or great). She is really excited about it. Last week she went dress shopping and got this dress. I think it is a cute dress. When I first saw it, I thought boy that's not what you wore to prom in my day, and my day was not even that long ago.
This is Brianna and her sister Sierra and Nancy

All week while mom worked on nans dress the girls were asking if it was Nancy's princess day. They could not wait to see nan in her dress. They got to get out if bed to come and see nan all princessed up.

This is Nancy and her friend Michael. He looked pretty bling bling, and together they went well. It was funny to watch her put on the flower, the corsage he got for nan had a light in it and it flashed, yeah pretty high tech.

It's tradition to get a picture in front of the RED curtains. All of us kids have a prom of formal picture in front of these bad boys.


  1. That's great!! They all looked wonderful. Thanks for posting the pictures!

  2. Wow, Nancy's grown up! And wow, does she look like Courtney to me! Love the dress. Not what I would wear, but it looks like it fits Nancy's personality.

  3. I can't believe how grown up she is. I'm soooooo sorry about last week. I'll call you sometime. love ya!

  4. Ahhhh, 'lil Nan! She looks adorable! And what a figure too! =)
    Thanks for sharing, Bex.

  5. I especilly like the totes behind nancy, they really add to the picture with the red curtains!

    That doesn't look like a prom dress to me, I am surprised mom would let her have it!

  6. Super cute, she looks FAB in yellow!


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