Tuesday, May 5, 2009

FHE car racing

So when my little brother was little my Dad used to take him to the church with his friend and race remote control cars in the gym.
Well the tradition lives on. My Dad got these cute little cars and has taken my girls to the church to race. We did this for FHE a couple of times. The girls just love it and they laugh and run and play. It is a good memory for them too, to be able to play with Grandpa and see him excited about what they are doing. I love catching those memories of my girls with their grandparents. I look forward to many more.


  1. I liked going to the church and playing with the small bouncy balls. We would go after Christmas when we got our "toys" from santa. It was a good memory and that is what I think of when I go into a church gym.

  2. Racecars...sweet! That is cool that dad still does that!

  3. wow, it is weird to see a picture with our church in the background. I haven't been there for what 7 or 8 years?


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