Saturday, October 31, 2009

Don't tell me what I can and can't do!!

So today I was told to "be careful about what I put out on the Internet" by someone who I feel has no say in what I do. This person was particularly offended by a few posts back entitled "WHY?". I guess it made them sick by reading such and had to stop halfway through and not even finish it. Well I feel the reason for that it because this person knew the truth, and hated seeing it put out there in public for everyone to know how bad it really was. My blog is a way for me to share how I feel. It is the way I choose to Journal. It is my life and nobody, and yes that includes the offended person, can tell me what to do anymore. I have been put through that one too many times. So in an effort to keep the judging eye from viewing my blog I am going private. As much as I would like to warn people of the dangers that are out there that I have been so unfortunate to be around, I wont. So if you want to follow my blog, or be one of the privileged to read up on how I am doing and how my Daughters are growing so much please email me so that I can invite you. If you are jut a blog stalker looking for information to pass on to others then sorry to burst your bubble, go ruin someone else's life.
My email is
And yes it is official my name is Rebekah WEBER. That battle it done.


  1. I guess you figured out how to make it private!! Good for you. You need this blog to be private. I'm happy for you.
    love ya

  2. Fine, I'm sorry I was offended by what you said. Please don't cut me off!

  3. I did figure it out Shaina, thanks! I love you too. Shavonne next time please don't be so quick to take offence, it is nothing against you, and plus you know that you are the best.

  4. He was probably more offended at the remarks we left about him.

  5. I'm glad your divorce is final! You and your girls will do great. :)
    I'm happy that you have your girls and that you have a place, like your blog, to vent. I know what it feels like to vent or to share your true feelings and someone not 'like' what you have written. Remember that no one can tell you how to or not to feel. I keep telling that to myself. Feelings are real to the person who is feeling them.

    Love you! You are in my prayers, Bex.

  6. I totally understand about needing a "happy place" where you can vent and be honest without the fear of being judged. I actually just started a second blog that is just that: PRIVATE! I call it my honest blog lol. I'd love to invite you if you give me your e-mail address...and promise not to judge me!


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