Friday, November 20, 2009

Disney on Ice

So I got tickets for the girls and I to go to Disney on ice. We went with my Friend Trish and her son Kaleb. I did not tell the girls we were going until we got there and we were waiting in line to get in. They were so excited when I told them. When we got inside we went to our seats and waited. They could not wait to see the princesses and watch them dance. I can remember one time when my parents took us as kids to something like this and thought that it was so amazing and so cool. I remember being there with my parents and their excitement for how excited we were. I do not remember what we saw, just that I saw it with them. I hope that my girls will remember this when they are older and remember how fun it was and how really magical it is when you are a child. It was so fun. Even as an adult I really enjoy things like this.

This is a picture if Tinker Bell when she finds out that she is a Tinker fairy. If you look close you can see the fairy above her floating in the air. She was Baili's favorite fairy, she was very sparkly, and very pretty.
Here is the little mermaid. This was a fun one, and both girls liked the music and the different sea creatures.

This was also the little mermaid when they were switching scenes, these cool things would come out and be like waves in the water.

I love this picture because you can just see the excitement in their faces! This was one of the best nights ever. I love seeing my girls smile and laugh. I hope that I can make them smile and laugh every day like they did that night.
Here is a video of the ending of the show with Tinker bell and the other fairies changing the season to spring! So magical to a little girl!


  1. That looks like the best night ever for a kid! We took the girls one year and they loved it. I am glad the night went well and there were no surprises!

  2. cute!! i love disney on ice, we have to go to utah to see those shows now! the kids look so excited, love it

  3. I remember us giong to a show, but I can't remember what it was either. I think its great that you took the girls, and I'm sure they will always remmeber it!

  4. Such a fun thing to do with your girls. :) Glad you had a fun time.

  5. Hi Bekah! That looks like lots of fun! My parents would take us there when we were little & lived in Utah! Now I get to take my boys! Glad all is well! Your blog makes me laugh (go figure, it's "Bekah's"!) Love ya :)

  6. You always can make me laugh Bekah! Love to read your blog! And your girls are so pretty! I miss u! Wish we lived closer :( Have a great day Bekah! Love u ;)


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