Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Baili

Well Baili is 5 years old today. I cannot believe where the time has gone.
Baili is very much my little helper. She loves to do experiments and to try new things. She likes to color and then cut out whatever it is that she colored. I can always catch her putting on lip gloss (thanks Shaves and Derek) and trying to make her hair pretty (thanks Kimmy and Jamie). Her new favorite pass time is to play on the computer, typing a list is what she does best, and if I let her she really likes to go to websites and do the children's games on there. My parents got her her very own "lap top" that she now never lets out of her site. She is very good at sharing her toys, and she is a great big sister to Kristen.
Baili is very smart and always wants to try new things. She really enjoys being outside and likes to do hopscotch.
I think that Baili will grow up to be a very loving girl, always willing to help others, and comfort them if need be. She has always been able to please the crowd and I know that Baili will always be that way.
I love you Baili, happy birthday! I am so proud of you.
Also as a side note, I made Baili's butterfly cake. I thought that it turned out cute.


  1. what a sweet post! i love that cake! and cute kid! i cant wait til myles is that old!

  2. Happy birthday! What a big girl. She's so pretty and loving. The cake is adorable!

  3. Yeah Baili! we love you, and you look so pretty! Cute cake reba!


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