Tuesday, September 6, 2011

First Day of School

Well another school year has begun. But this year is different...both my girls are in school. Here in Spokane they do full day Kindergarten, so its not even a half day thing where I can ease into my kids going to public school. But I am not complaining either, it is nice and does have its perks.
The morning started early for us. Kristen was up at the crack of dawn, actually before the crack even. She was up and dressed and ready to go. But we had a few hours to go yet.
We did hair all pretty and done up, and brushed out teeth, and made sure that we all smelled nice. Then we started taking pictures.
As you can see Kristen in a HAM, she loves to pose and "strut" her stuff. She kept saying that she looked so stylish, and everyone was just going to love her outfit. Haha, she makes me laugh so much.
We walked to school and I took them to their classes where we unloaded their supplies and met their teachers again. Kristen really wanted to see Baili's classroom, but I told her after school we would go take a look at it. She found her desk and sat in her seat. She was ready and excited. Then I took Baili to her class where there was no assigned seating and she had a few of her really good friends waiting for her to arrive. She sat with them, and was also excited. She did get a little teary eyed and tell me that she was just a little bit nervous, but she did great.
Once they were settled into their classes, I headed home, to a quiet house, and lots of time to think of what I am going to fill my free time with these next few weeks before I start my own classes.
I am looking forward to this year and the experiences my girls will have. I hope that they grow so much and that they will continue to be examples to those around them. Hope everyone else has a great year as well.

Here are some pics, they are in kind of random order, but I think that you will get the jist of it.



  1. You are right, they are sooo stylish! I am envious of thier cool outfits! I hope that this year is great for all of you!

  2. Heck, Bekah, who wouldn't like her outfit? haha your makeup looked so good! All 3 of you are so pretty


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