Friday, May 27, 2011


So this year I really wanted the girls to play some kind of a sport. I got little handouts from Baili's school all the time about youth sports. So I decided to do Soccer. They were excited about it, and they loved playing. They made some great friends on their teams too. All of the parents were great too and super supportive. Each game one parent was in charge of bringing a after game snack. We would get to each game like 20 minutes early and the girls would practice. It was nice because they were on different teams, but their games were always scheduled really close to each other. I think the longest wait between games was like an hour. Which is not bad. We had lots of people come to the games to watch. Grandma Lula came for their first game, and we also had Aunt Sharon, Max, and Jayne come and cheer them on too. Below you will see Baili with her Coach Todd. He was great. He loved the girls and made soccer so much fun for her. There were 7 girls on Baili's team and 8 on Kristens. Kristen would push through the players and go for the ball, and Baili was more of a team player/leader. She would stop to help the other players up if they fell.
The video is funny because it is of Kristen scoring a goal, but not really. You will see what I mean when you watch it.


  1. Kristen celebrates like a true soccer player!
    I dig her nacho libre pose.
    Baili's diva pose is cute too!

  2. Sooo cute! I love this. They are cute in their sport attire!


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