Wednesday, March 9, 2011


So this quarter I took an ART class. It is a required class to take for my education major. I do not consider myself an artsy person, but I think for the most part I did pretty well on my projects. Each of my projects got better and the quarter went on. I thought that you would like to see what I have done. Tell me what you think of my work.
The pineapple one was my very first piece that I did. It was a still life. I did not like this type of art.
The monster is paper mache (I think that is how you spell it), I liked doing this one. It kind of reminds me to sponge bob, only green, and well not sponge bob. lol
I think the flower is my most favorite. I had a little tiny picture that I was looking and I drew this big version of it. It is a pastel piece. I love this one. I was pretty proud of myself when I finished it.
The pinch pot is also cool. I like the color. It sits in my living room now. It makes me happy.
The one with the goggle, baseball, and light bulb is cool to look at. I like this type of work too.
The one with the house and the mountains and trees...that is something that a 5th grader will get tested on how to draw. It is like some sort of state test for art that all kids have to take. It is crazy, half the stuff they have to know for this drawing I had no clue what it was. CRAZY!!!
Grover...what else do I have to say. He is great. I really like the children's book "the monster and the end of this book" we have to tear paper to make the characters from our favorite books. He is what I made. I just love him.
The painted tree is really like too. I did this on a canvas. I had to bring a silhouette and this tree is the one I brought, and then had to paint it. I think it is pretty. I plan to paint some more, but most likely not trees.


  1. I like the grover the best! Great job, I want to take an art class, I never have....

  2. i LOVE the tree and I love the flower, the rest are cool too....I wish I had taken an art class, but i'm not about to take more classes so I can :) Love you!

  3. You say you are not artistic, but I thought those looked great. Good job!

  4. the tree is my very very favorite!! It's totally you

  5. I think you have a natural ability! I might need you to make me a paper machet(sp?) of pirates of dark waters! haha!

    I really like it all, you should put them all up in your house, all of them!

  6. err I mean, tear paper art of pirates of dark waters!

  7. sorry, I keep having more to say. I think that Charcoal square pants is my favorite character, but Jordyn would probably eat it or tear it apart if I had it on the floor in my house!

  8. I really like the tree the best, I think its really elegant looking and would LOVE to have that as a early bday gift.....hint hint!

    I think it would be neat to be an art teacher, especially for grade school age kids, because they come up with some of the best stuff!

  9. Super job! I like the tree the best, too!

  10. Bekah you are amazing! LOVE the pink one with the black swirly tree.

  11. I love the black and pink picture! of the tree... beautiful.


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