Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Today I thought about a lot of different things. first off was a picture that I saw on my sisters blog. Keep reading if you are interested in a few things I thought about. Some may or may not make sense. sorry.

First of was a picture. I think pictures like this are cute....but um not when you do it yourself and you are trying to crop the thing to hide other things...

I got new pants today and I think think they make my butt look cute.
I love that I smell like my BFF (Gain).
Today is trash day, I do not want to go put my trash can out to the curb at 6:30 in the morning, in my pj's. But I have to because my trash can is soooo small it is now super full and cannot wait till next week. ~sigh~
Hum my last day of summer break, why do I feel like I just graduated HS and its my first day at college? Oh because I do not know where I am going, how to get there, don't want to be late, and because I will be too far away from my girls.
Kristen, please stop having a fit, I cannot take it anymore.
Oh this coat is one ugly coat, who would wear that? Oh ok lady who pushes me over in order to get THAT coat, I guess you are the one who wears something like that. Whatever blows your hair back.
Humm I wonder if ______________ will FB me today?
I need a new hair cut, in a bad way. I think I am gonna attempt to cut me some bangs...
hum well this will do for now as far as bangs go, but I need to get them fixed this week.
I hate wearing socks, but my feet are cold, at least I have cute socks on.
I need to paint my toenails, I want a cute picture of my feet and my girls feet.
I like my house, I have good taste in decorations, I just need to keep it clean and it would look good.
OMG, you gave my phone number to __________! And he is gonna call me? EEEEEEEEE!
Why did I feel so lonely last night but today I do not?
I am glad that you are my brother.
Kindergarten open house tonight, should I dress up? Heck yes you should, you never know right?!
I wonder if people look at my blog? I like to look at other peoples blogs. I guess you could call if blog stalking, I do that a lot. Humm.
What should I make for dinner? Oh yeah I don't have to yay.
I need to call the temple and put my name down for Friday night.
Why are you being nice to me? What are you hiding? I don't like you. I am still scared of you and what you are capable of doing to me.
I am a happy person!
I love my kids, I need to show it more often to them.
I need to work out more. I'm gonna do it! It will make me feel better about myself.
I cannot wait till Thursday when Grey's Anatomy starts. I love that show.
I hate the Doctors office its just not a comfortable place to be.
This rug is so cute. I am glad that I got it.


  1. I like new rugs.
    You'll do great at school.
    Makes me wonder why that person is being so cooperative lately.
    Fits make me have fits, and a momma having fits isn't any prettier to see than a kid having fits.
    Who has your phone number and *might* call??

  2. sweet, that was pretty awesome! Oh, i love cute pants!

  3. that was one of the most entertaining blog posts i've ever read :) i love your thoughts!

    p.s. your butt does look cute! oh, was that too much? well i'm just sayin'... because it does.

  4. I blog stalk too. ;) Love the thoughts.

  5. I agree with so many things on here. :) Glad your happy!

  6. you are the cutest thing ever!!! Seriously. Your butt looks fantastic (I sure wish I could find a pair of jeans that would make my butt look good....but that would take one amazing pair of jeans!!!) This post made me miss you even more like crazy....I loved all our talks! We will have to make it more regular! Love you Bex!!! LOTS

  7. I love you Mind!!! I check your blog almost every day to see if you have put something new up!

    I hope "he" calls! ( I hope the other "he" doesn't call!)

    Good luck in school! Glee tonight!!! and Survivor! What The Good Guys on fox on Friday, it has Colin Hanks in it, Tom Hanks son! Very funny!

  8. I love that you rambled your thoughts into a blog post.
    I miss you, cant wait till thanksgiving and Christmas, its gonna be great.....your great!

  9. Rebekah you crack me up! I miss you so much. I cant wait for Thanksgiving! Especially so you can approve of Trevor ;) Love you!


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