Monday, February 22, 2010

I was reading my sisters blog and thought that it would be fun to copy her and write a post about things I did when I was young. Some are just sad and embarrassing. Some make me laugh and wonder what I was thinking.

When I was in the 6th grade I only went to school for band at the end of the day. I decided (on a day when my mom was not home to see me leave the house in what I was wearing) to wear hot pink spandex with my sisters purple hyper color shirt. When I got to school I told everyone that I was out riding my bike and when I got home to change for band my parents had left the house and it was locked. Right...

I took my sisters jean jacket and wore it to school and on the walk home with my friends I felt in the pocket that there was some chap stick and pulled it out triumphantly only to find that is was a tampon.

My sister and I would get into huge fights with each other, so bad that we would pinch each other till the other stopped and pulled each others ear's till they popped, and so bad that we would pull big clumps of each others hair...until my sister pulled the clump of my hair so hard that it completely uprooted, we both let go and did not do that ever again (I mean pull each others hair ever again, everything else was fair game).

I shared a room with my sister-in-law and her best friend for one summer. They worked together and did everything together. Well they would keep all of their lunch stuff in the top of my closest, one day when they were at work I decided to eat ONE of their Twinkies...well I did not stop at one and ate the whole box...I got sick and I also lied about eating them even though I was the only one who knew they had them, and then told the truth and felt totally ashamed to tell them that I ate the WHOLE box.

My sister and I when we were young would take baths together, Mom told us to go take a bath and I went and got in but she was not coming, so I got out of the bath and went outside to call her to come take her bath, yeah I forgot to cover up and she watched me from the kitchen table show the world myself.

There was a lot across the street that was just tree's and bushes and stuff that my mom would have us go and dump our rotten food, once we were done with that chore we were able to go the lot with he trees and bushes and stuff.

Thought it would be fun to take my friends fake throw up and prank the school secretary who was good friends with my I stood in the hallway hunched over my fake puke when she came along and saw me and ran to get help...when she came back and saw me holding the puke and laughing she was not so happy with me.

One day in the 4th grade I thought that I would wear my sisters black bra to school and stuff it with toilet paper...and wear a WHITE turtle neck shirt. On this same day I thought I would raise my hand and ask my teacher in the middle of class if she had ever had a yeast infection...not my day for being cool, let me tell ya.

I loved to ride my bike until I was riding and turned back to see if my friend was still with me and crashed into the parked car, man did that hurt and no she never let me forget that one.


  1. Ok asking the teacher if she ever had a yeast infection is so so funny! What about following your older sister around when she us getting ready to somewhere and asking 1000 questions!
    I have some " oh that was stupid" moments too!

  2. I am STILL laughing at the twinkie thing.....I love you!

  3. Rebekah, you need to go back and insert the names of the sisters, teachers, and friends in your storys, someday you may not remember who went with which story and you'll wish you wrote it down.

    You should write your Dora story! I just told that story about you the other day...funny stuff!

  4. I remember the "Twinkie" incident very well! I couldn't believe someone ate the WHOLE box! haha

    My favorite of your "dumb moment" is you ewaring a black bra full of T.P. and a white shirt...and then asked your teacher if she ever had a yeast infection!!!! That's hilarious!

  5. Those are some great stories. Good thing we all have things we are embarrassed about.

  6. oh my gosh! so funny!


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