Thursday, September 2, 2010

Baili's first day of Kindergarten

I cannot believe it, today was/is Baili's first day of school. I help it together pretty well. I cried a bit last night and I did a little bit today after I left her at school. But more so I am just really excited for her. I cannot wait to hear all about her first day. I told her that when she got home I wanted to hear all about her new Friends (at least 2 of them) and about the books she read, and the play time outside, and her teacher. She was so excited and ran the whole way there. Those who where with her today as we walked her to school were Me (her mother) Kristen (sister) Jonas (her dad) and Melissa (her dads friend).

In her lunch we packed a turkey sandwich, strawberries, carrots and dip, Cheetos, s'mores cracker sandwich things, and a water bottle.

I asked her what she was doing here and she said that she was striking a pose, so the #1 finger thing does not mean anything. lol
I am so proud of Baili. She will do a great job in school. She will make friends easily and have fun. She is such a big girl and I cannot wait for her to learn and enjoy her life. Have a great year Baili. I love you!


  1. I cant believe it either! She's so big now. I love the picture of Kristen and Baili on the stairs! Did Kristen get a haircut recently?

  2. she is soooooo old!!! I can't believe how grown up they are. Oh and by the way, you look great!!! Tell Baili hi for me and I hope she had a fabulous first day of school. Love you bex!

  3. oooh she's cute!! I'm so excited for her. I love her poses. are you gonna make her cookies for when she gets home from school?

  4. Does she stay all day or half day?
    I'm happy for you! Next year, Kristen goes too! I know Georgie's excited for school. We practice writing letters all the time.

  5. I cried when Kenzie started school but I didn't with Alexis...I think you get use to having them go.

    I hope Baili had a great day of school! And I hope that Kristen enjoys school too!

    You are a fantastic momma! Your girls are so blessed to have you as thier mom!


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