Saturday, May 1, 2010

Visits are the best!

Need I say more? The pictures say it all. I love my family, I love my kids, I love my sister, I love my Nephew. Seriously today was such a great day. I hated that they had to leave but I am so glad that Sharon was able come and visit for the day and that I could meet my nephew Max. He is a doll. He spit up on me and part of me was happy cuz I miss that baby smell. LOL I know that is weird but really it was so great to visit with Shari and Max. Love you Sharon! Thanks for making my day and visiting me. See you in a couple weeks.

He really was hugging me, even sharon said so.


  1. cute!! i love the last picture! super funny that the picture you got of me, i'm putting my nursing pad back in hahaha!!

  2. Ah I'm soooooooo jealous!! I'm sad that I had to work and couldn't come see Sharon and Max. Grrr...well at least I know I'm living down there in like a month so I'll see ya'll all the time!! Woo!

  3. So cute, I love babies. So adorable and nice way to hug Aunt Bekah!! Love ya...Hang in there. You are doing awesome.

  4. Great pictures! Sharon's kids are adorable!

    I know how you feel about missing the smell of a baby. :) Once you don't have one anymore it's something to be missed.

    See you gals soon!


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