Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Random things about me

So I have never done a post like this before so I am gonna try at it. I may not have many things about me to post because I don't really think about it that much and when I do it is things that I do not really like about myself. So here you go.

1) I hate mushrooms and tomatoes. Mushrooms I hate because of the texture, and they stink when you saute them. Tomatoes I can eat if they are on a hamburger (sometimes) but not any other way. But I do like Ketchup.
2) I think that I have really hairy arms. I mean like more than any one should have. But I have seen worse so maybe it is not that bad.
3) I love being a mom, even though sometimes I complain about it.
4) I hate my hair, I do not like having natural curly hair. It means that I always have to do it in order for it to look nice. I straighten it most of the time because I just do not think that curl looks good on me.
5) I really like my feet. I think that they are cute. My toes are different but not ugly different. And i have a really high arch. I like them.
6) Some people are always cold. Mostly their hands are always cold, or their feet, or something obvious like that, well I am not so obvious, for me it is my BUM that is always cold. I have no explanation for it, it just is. I think it is funny, and it does not bother me. I think if it were my feet or hands I would hate it.
7) Deep down I do not want to be a pack rat, but I see my house and think that I am. I need to sift!!!
8) I have fat fingers!!!
9) I love cleaning out my kids earwax. EWWWWWW hahaha
10) My favorite number is 13. Has been since I can remember.
11) I look up to all of my sisters. Each of them is so different and each of them I know loves me for all of me and not just because they have to. I love my brothers too fyi.
12) I want to be the favorite Aunt, but I understand that, that most likely will not happen with all of my nieces and nephews.
13) I like to belt out singing along with music, I mean really loud and pretend that I am the famous singer.
14) I like to watch TV.
15) When people ask me what I like to do, I really do like to go on hikes and walks and stuff, I am not just saying that to make me look good.
16) I am not a morning person. I do not like getting up early ever. My daughter called me a baby this morning because when she came into my room to tell me she was awake I whined at her and told her to leave me alone. Haha yep sounds about right.
17) I like to eat (obviously) but I am not huge on sweets, it is like real food that I love. I am all about the meat and potatoes diet.
18) I hate wearing a dress. I always am afraid that it is tucked into my underwear in the back. Hate it!!!
19) I love that I no longer do the chicken peck typing and that I actually know how to type like a normal person.
20) My mom and dad are my hero's. I love them and want to be like them and have a relationship like them someday.


  1. Those are all great things to share. I like making lists like this too.
    I think you are totally cool.

  2. Great list! I think I knew alot of the, but many were new to me. I don't think I'd like my bum cold, as I don't like it when my hands and feet are ;)

  3. Haha that was so fun to read! Maybe I should post my own list too!

  4. My bum will get really cold too! That is so funny! You are such a fun person.

  5. Jared says my bum is always cold....ah-hem....

  6. Hey! sorry. my blogger was being lame. and ithought i was following you but i guess i wasn't.

    anyways...this is really funny cuz i just did one of these too!!

    I love the things about you! like that you hate wearing dresses. (me too in the winter) and i love both tomatoes and mushrooms. they are my fav.
    i love that you belt out music acting like a famous singer. and it is good you have a physical feature you like about yourself, because we all have so many things we don't like about our beautiful woman bodies. :)

  7. This is great! Thanks for sharing more about you. I laughed soooo hard about your bum always being cold!!!!

  8. That list is so funny. We are very alike! I hate mushrooms and I like tomatoes but only if it can be masked by other flavors. The one thing that is ALWAYS cold is my bum! Everything else could be warm but not that, so funny! I am with you on the curly hair, although I have come to accept it. It was neat to read things that I didnt know! Love u!

  9. That was a good list! It's fun to read those things about other people. And some were quite funny ... cold bum! That one made me laugh.


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