Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas Stockings!!!

This post is for my family. If you look at theirs blogs all of them have posted about the Christmas stockings they have made for thier families, or have made for other familys (like my sister Sharon made some for my girls). Here is a picture of the stockings that my mom made for all of us kids and for her and Dad, go from left to right on top and on bottom it starts with mom and dads and so forth. We each love our stockings, and we each claim ours is the best, but really if you look at them you can see that mine is so cute with the fuzy head of hair. I did not take any pictures this Christmas and I am so mad at myself. But my Mom video recorded it all so I have that. I need to put faces on the ones that Sharon made for my girls still, but they are really cute and I love them. Thank you Shari for making them.


  1. i love our stockings!! dad took pictures

  2. Yea for our stockings! I love this picture it shows them all so well. Now my girls can see them too! Thanks for posting this!

    And of course mine is the best, even if it is PINK!

  3. So cute! What a great family tradition : )

  4. Mine definitely is better than anyone elses!! Thanks for posting the picture!


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