Thursday, September 10, 2009

Marble rewards

So my sister Kim and I were talking and I was complaining (what's new) about how Kristen has a tantrum about every 30 seconds (no joke) and I just did not know how to get through to her. I try to praise her but she gets made if i praise her the wrong way. It is ridiculous really. Anyways Kim said I should do a reward system, like she has to earn marbles and if she gets so many then she can get a prize. I thought Kristen would love this but I need to include Baili in this as well. So I thought about it and decided that it was a great idea and would work well for the both of them, and I was going to do it. We went to the dollar store and got some marbles and they got to pick out their own bowl to put the marbles in. Then we went around and I let them pick what was going to go into the prize basket.
Here they are with their marble bowls and showing that they are empty but not for long.

Here is the prize basket. We went a little crazy in the store, I was surprised at how much fun and cool things they had there. We got some things that had more than one in the package, like pencils, and a package of lizards, and Slinky's, and little things of lip gloss. So it stretched it out that way too. It's fun to see what they pick out when they get five marbles.

Right now we are still in the beginning stages of the system, so I give Kristen a marble at any chance I get because she gets them taken away as quickly as she gets them. But she is learning and already she has not been able to choose a prize because she did not have 5 marbles. Oh that is the other thing, they have to have 5 marbles by the morning or they do not get a prize. Baili is also not so keen on this because she has gone 2 days with no prize. But she will get it. Anyways I thought that you would like to know what we are up to in our household.


  1. I did the same with my kids a few years ago, and it really increased their good behavior. I like how you gave them a small goal of 5. It's something they can grasp. Good job!

  2. so funny! i remember days like that! and at the dollar store i found treasures!!! like eraser lipstick! (to use as a baby shower gift) and i found really cute wall stickers of dinosaurs that i framed and am going to use for myles room!!!

  3. Nice! I may have to do this with Alexis and Kenzie, though, with Kenzie in school, she acts so much better! I could use it at bedtime, which is the worst time for me!

  4. This is probably the best idea ever!


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