Wednesday, August 19, 2009

On a Holiday

My girls are visiting their dad for this week and my sister Kim convinced me to come to Idaho Falls and visit for the week they are gone. (I think she knows me well enough to know that I would be sulking and missing my girls and go into a state of depression if I did not have something to do). So I thought about it and thought that it was a great idea. So I packed my stuff and drove the short 7 hours and got here on Saturday. Kim also came to Idaho Falls and she and my other 2 sisters who live here (Courtney and Sharon) all were able to hang out. It has been so much fun. We have played games and BBQ'd and made smore's with Reese's on the awesome fire that Jared made, went on a walk to the falls, gone to the Temple, and sewed. I leave in the morning to go home and as excited as I am to see my girls, I will miss my sisters. They truly are my rock as I have said before.
I will post pictures of some of the happenings of this trip along with picures of my sewing project that I did while I was here. I think you will like it and maybe even be jealous. :) So stay tuned for some posts later on this week.


  1. I'm for sure jealous that you got to have a fun week with the sisters. Good for you. Can't wait to see what you made.

  2. Good for you, and good for your sisters for being there for you! Smart move to have your own vacation week instead of being sad.


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