Sunday, August 30, 2009

My how they change

So I have been looking back at all of the pictures that I have taken and though holy smokes Kristendoes not look like she did when she was a baby. She is almost 4 and looks so different to me. Baili on the other hand I think that she still looks like she did when she was little. So here you go you tell me what you think, do they or don't they look like they did when they were younger?

Baili is 4 and a half and kristen is 3 and a half in this picture.
Kristen is about 9 months and Baili is about 20 months.


  1. they are so cute! i like the chair they are sitting in.

  2. also abt my post.. i thought it would be fun to look back on that later :) i tried to take lots of pics cuz i didn't want to forget it. it's kinda sad though cuz i look sick in some of those. (cuz i was lol)

  3. Kristen does look different, but I think she looks like a younger Baili....somewhat :) All I know is they are super cute and a lot of fun! I miss you guys and so does Kabes...he tells everyone about 'bekah and the girls"

  4. I think you can see the 4-year-old version of Baili in the baby picture, but it's more that her face has lost some baby fat as she's aged. It's still the same cute face.


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